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The year was 1981 -
- An actor becomes the 40th United States President
- The first flight of the US Space Shuttle Columbia
- Post It Notes are launched by 3M Corp.
- MS DOS IS released by Microsoft
- IBM, in the U.S., launches its first PC which uses: Microsoft Software MS DOS
- The term Internet is first mentioned
- Inflation rate was 10.3%

Closer to home, in a small township named Brandon, located in northern Oakland County Michigan, two other historical first were started: "Toys for Tots" which was formed by the local Brandon Fire Department and, the Ortonville Community Emergency Fund, or OCEF, which was formed by two locals: Sue Howard and Pyhllis Barnwell.

"Toys for Tots" and "OCEF" both had very simple agenda's, give support to families that are less fortunate.

Originally named "Toys for Tots", the Marines requested that the BFD change the name, presumably because the Fire Departments main objective was different than that of the Marines.

Fast forward twenty-one years to 2002 -
- Multimillion dollar companies are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
- Tornadoes sweep accross the United States, leaving a multitude of fatalities from Louisiana to Pennsylvania on Veterans Day.
- Wildfires destroy 500,000 acres in Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest
- Inflation rate is now 97.9% higher than 21 years before.

During these last 21 years, the Toy Store and OCEF continued on. Still keeping that simple agenda: give support to families that are less fortunate.
During this 21st year, The Toy Store and OCEF also changed. A positive change was made which combined the efforts of each organiztion. The Toy Store was incorporated into OCEF for the first time.

In 2009, OCEF became a 501c3 tax exempt organization. Because their mission statement was different that that of the Toy Store, OCEF could no longer legally sponsor the Toy Store. Therefore in January of 2010, the Toy Store finally became its own non-profit organization, and for that reason, changed its name for the second time in its 29 year existence, We are now known as the "Community Christmas Toy Store" or Brandon CCTS.
Since 2012 all donations, be them monetary, gifts, or volunteer time are now tax exempt according to the IRS Publication 557 / 501c3 definition.  Collectively over the last 32 years, the CCTS, with support of the local community has ensured that over 8,000 children have not been left out at Christmas, and that number continues to grow each year.

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