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    Community Christmas Toy Store

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    We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization


Below you will find a list of FAQ's, also known as Frequently Asked Questions.  Simply click on the plus sign next to an FAQ that is of interest to you.

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Who do we help?
All boys and girls that currently reside within the boundaries of the Brandon school district.  If you are unsure of the district boundries, please click here, or call the Brandon school district offices at: 1-248-627-1866  Be advised, the map is for reference only.

Is there an age limit for the children you help?
The ages we support are from age 1 to 12 years of age.  If you have a question regarding your child(ren) please contact us at: 1-248-795-5281

How do families qualify for the Christmas Community Toy Store?
Qualifiying for the CCTS is streamline.  If your family qualifies for OCEF assistance, and there are dependents ages 1 year to 12 years of age, you are qualified.

What if I only need Christmas gifts for my child?
If you are only in need of christmas gifts for your dependents you will need to contact OCEF direct to be certified.  If you meet the criteria for OCEF, the representative will issue you an OCEF id#, normally your first name followed by numbers.  You will also be given a time slot for shopping.  Please arrive to the Toy Store a minimum of 15 minutes prior on December 14, 2013

When, Where and How do parents sign up
When is sign up: November 25, 2013 from 3pm-7pm
Where: Inside Hardy Hall located at St. Anne Catholic Church 825 S. Ortonville Rd.
How: Before food distribution begins, parents are asked by the CCTS volunteers if there is a child or children that meet the age criteria.  If there are, the volunteer will write down your OCEF id# and ask you to choose a time for shopping the Toy Store.  Toy Store will open on December 14 for one day only.

What about Privacy?
Your privacy and that of your family members is held in the highest regard.  Volunteers have no knowledge of a clients family name, address or phone number.  We only require your OCEF id# so that we know you have been certified by OCEF.

How is the money that is donated put to use within the Community Christmas Toy Store?
Monies raised are used in December, the night prior to the Toy Store opening.  Toy Store volunteers set out to local stores to purchase supplements that are needed.  Such as but not limited to: pillows, batteries, pens, pencils and crayons.
Portions of funds raised also pay for: Christmas wrapping paper, tape, ribbons, etc. that are given out to families so that they can wrap the presents received at the Toy Store.  As with any license, our 501c3 status has a yearly fee that needs to be paid, our booth at Septemberfest, our P.O box, as well as hosting costs and registration fees for this website.

If I know someone who is in need of assistance, who should I contact at CCTS?
Please feel free to contact our main number, 1-248-795-5281 so that we can put you in contact with the correct person(s).

What information will I need to bring with me the day the Toy Store opens?
Simply bring your OCEF id# with you, and arrive 15 minutes prior to your shopping time.

Am I the only shopper in the Toy Store?
Within your time slot, there will be approximately 7 other families.  Because there is not a specified shopping time limit, there may be other clients from the previous time slots, still shopping.

How are the toys distributed, and by whom?
Toys are taken home with the clients.  Toys are placed in non see through black bags.
If needed, there are volunteers that will assist you with getting the items you have choosen to your vehicle.

I want to bring my child(ren) with me so they can pick out what they want.  Is that OK?
Only parents and / or legal guardians are allowed in the Toy Store at any time. If you have a child or children that need to be taken care of while you shop, it is best to make arrangements prior to your shopping.  We do not offer babysitting or any other form of caregiving.

You mentioned you have to pay for your 501c3 status and this website.  Why is that?
In order for us to pass back to you the ability to donate items, money and volunteer hours on a tax free basis, the State of Michigan requires that ALL 501c3 organizations pay a yearly fee in order to keep that status.
This website is being hosted and has been registered via an outside company.  It would be too expensive for the Community Christmas Toy Store to be its own host.  We also must register our domain with a registrar, like you would a car with the DMV.
Tony, owner of Kbaam.com, volunteers his time and talents as a website specialist to the Community Christmas Toy Store.

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